Last updated on 30.03.2019

Welcome to the web site of the Fachschafti Doktorati. We are the representation of interests of doctoral candidates at TU Wien. We act in self-governing bodies at the university. We support and advise you in your matters of studies and research. Aside from this we offer workshops and a social programme. We are very pleased about your feedback and suggestions—especially from people who go the whole hog and want to reinforce our team or introduce their issues and positions in one of our jour fixe meetings.

The next office hour is on Tuesday, 1 October 2019 17:30 - 18:00 in the office of the Fachschafti Doktorati (Getreidemarkt 9).
The next Jour Fixe is on Tuesday, 1 October 2019 18:00 in the office of the Fachschafti Doktorati (Getreidemarkt 9).

How to find the office of Fachschafti Doktorati, please see: Contact
For general information on doing a PhD at TU Wien start with Studies (and its subpoints) and after that, of course, the FAQ.

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Summerschool on scientific writing


Summerschool on scientific writing:
(deadline, extended until June 18th)

Costs will be paid by the univeristy.
more infos: https://owncloud.tuwien.ac.at/index.php/s/F4K5QPRRFz2Q6zx



Sorry, this workshop is held in german!

Am Samstag 25.05.19 um 10:00 findet ein ca. 2stündiger deutschsprachiger Grafikworkshop von der Fachschafti Doktorati statt im Campus Gußhaus TU Wien (Gußhaustraße 27-29 im Raum CA0426). Erklärt werden Grafikbearbeitungen in Gimp und in Inkscape, im Anschluss können auch gerne konkrete Fragen gestellt werden. Es gibt ausreichend PCs, alternativ können auch eigene Laptops mitgenommen werden. Da ausreichend Plätze zur Verfügung stehen, können Studierende aller Studienrichtung daran teilnehmen.

Inhalte des Workshops ist Grafikbearbeitung auf Anfänger-Niveaus

  • Vektor-Rastergrafiken Unterschied
  • Gimp
    • Zauberstab
    • Transparenz
    • Auswahl (Rechteck,Lasso,Magnetische Schere)
    • Schwellwert
    • Indizierte Farben
    • Text
  • Inkscape
    • Gruppierungen
    • Farbe ändern
    • zuschneiden
    • PDF zu SVG konvertieren
    • Farbverlauf
    • Drehen/Verzerren/Verschieben/Größe ändern
    • Unterschied Klonen vs. Duplizieren
    • Rechteck/linien/Text
    • Hilfsgitter/Hilfslinien
    • Bei Pfaden Knotenpunkte einfügen/bearbeiten
    • Ausrichten
    • Rastergrafiken automatisiert vektorisieren

ÖH Wahl 2019: Election of the Student Representatives


What and who can you vote for?

You can vote the representatives for the PhD Programme Representation, the Students’ Union at the TU
Wien and the Austrian Students’ Union. Further information is available in German on https://htu.at/oeh-wahl and on https://www.tuwien.at/studium/oeh-wahl-2019/uebersicht/.

PhD Programme Representation:

The PhD Programme Representation represents the interests of all PhD students at TU Wien. The election of the student representatives is an election of persons.
You may elect zero to five representatives (you may mark up to five crosses on the ballot).

More information is available in our folder!



Orientation Programme & Summer Party


We cordially invite you to our orientation programme for all doctoral candidates commencing their PhD studies in the Summer term 2019.

Especially for beginners we offer a orientation programme to guide you through the first months and inform you about some peculiarities here at TU Wien.
Topics include the curriculum, guidelines for your PhD studies, funding possibilities and getting employed at TU Wien. And of course there will be plenty of time for your questions.

When: April 30th, starting at 5 pm
Where: Campus Gußhaus, Gußhausstraße 27-29, 1040 Wien, 5. floor, room number CA 0532
Slides are available for download here.

Attention there was a mistake in the e-mail: The Orientation programme starts at 5 pm.

Summer Party

How long didn't you have a nice BBQ? It is a way to long? We at Fachschafti Doktorati want to change that and open the barbeque season with our annual summer party. Thus, we cordially invite you to join us and have cold drinks while enjoying freshly grilled food on the lovely rooftop terrace of Campus Gußhaus!

When: April 30th, starting at 5 pm
Where: Campus Gußhaus, Gußhausstraße 27-29, 1040 Wien, Rooftop terrace


Vienna young Scientists Symposium 2019


The Vienna young Scientists Symposium (VSS) was launched in the year 2015 as a forum for young researchers. Its focus lies on the communication and exchange of information of young researchers’ present scientific projects and working environments. Besides an excellent opportunity to practice and improve one’s skills, it finds its larger scope in (interdisciplinary) exchange and the valuable chance to initiate cooperative development of innovative technologies.

The VSS 2019 takes place on Thursday 13 June and Friday 14 June, 2019 in TUtheSky (Getreidemarkt 9, 1060 Wien, room number: BA11B09).